About Us

Who We Are

JENGE Kulture is a Pan African social change initiative that promotes a culture that translates social concern to creative, innovative action across the continent.

Why 'JENGE'?

The name ‘JENGE’ is truncated from the Swahili word ‘TUJENGE’ that means ‘LET US BUILD’.


JENGE is a Pan-African philosophy of growth, progress, and development through creative action, underpinned by 3 fundamental principles: Unity in Diversity, Social Responsibility and Creativity/Innovation.


We are promoting a culture that encourages Africa’s young creators, innovators and changemakers to engage creativity in taking action in response to local and regional social challenges.

Why We Exist

Our Mission

JENGE KULTURE exists to connect and support Africa’s young Creators, Innovators and Changemakers and the work they do in creating and sustaining social change in their communities.

The Africa We Want to See

We share in Africa’s vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens, representing a dynamic force in the international arena. This vision is encapsulated in Africa’s Agenda 2063.

Whom We Serve

Our primary Target Community includes Creators and Innovators aged between 15 and 40, and who are passionate about social change and Pan-African unity.

The Creators we target include Visual Artists, Performing Artists, Literary Artists, Designers, etc. Innovators include Developers, Product Designers, Engineers, etc.

What We Do

We work to connect, empower and support young Creators and Innovators in Africa to become agents and drivers of social change in the continent. We currently run 2 flagship programs to help us achieve our goal.


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